Visit to SWFTA

SWFTA is the South West Film & TV Archive and is based in Plymouth.  Its where most of our footage for the project will be coming from.

SWFTA hold some fabulous moving image archive of the South West.  For The Tre Project they will be key to uncovering some rare and magical glimpses of what Cornwall used to be like.

So, my first trip there was intriguing…16mm film, Steenbeck, archive research…all new to me!  I’m getting a clearer idea of what I can expect to find but I’m even more curious now to find out what other material is out there which hasn’t been discovered.

The 1920’s seem to be the oldest footage which is held by SWFTA which is very exciting.  Its not only the really old stuff that we’re interested in but I thought the beginning of Cornwall’s cinematic  history would be a good place to start!

3 thoughts on “Visit to SWFTA

  1. Barbara,

    Have you checked the Cornish Studies Library for a video transfer I did of a film called “Spirit of Cornwall”?
    Project looks great, goodluck

    Phil Shingler
    “Western Exposure”

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