Some pics from Morrab Library

There’s some wonderful places across Cornwall which hold archive material.  Morrab Library in Penzance being one of them

I’ve been getting totally engrossed in old photographs as I start looking for images for the Tre Project publicity.  Its hypnotic looking at places I know well and seeing them transform into the past.  Why does the past through photos and film hold such a fascination for people?

Here are three wonderful photos taken in Cornwall which conjure up a feeling of home for me.

Thatched cottage in Sennen. 1930

Christmas Pudding. 1935

Sennen Beach Punch & Judy. 1960

One thought on “Some pics from Morrab Library

  1. Those pics are lovely, bring back lots of memories for me. Growing up in Carthvean nr Porkellis our house was similar to the one at the top. The Sennen Punch and Judy show I remember watching on Flora Day….

    hey ho…

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