Fantastic turnout for our first event!

What a fantastic evening last Saturday was.  It was standing room only with over 130 people coming to our first event held at Padstow Social Club.  We met some fabulous people who shared their thoughts and feelings about their hometown and importantly their May Day Festival.  The archive films of the Obby Oss May Day celebrations were a great success and of particular interest to the Padstonian audience who are now all fired up for the coming of Spring!


We learnt so much about Padstow, the festival and the people who make it what it is so thank you all so much for giving us such valuable information especially on the films themselves.

To find out what we screened click here.

Thanks to our team: Fi, Tom, Hana, Denzil & Amanda – more on them soon!

I was also thrilled to see that people had brought their old cine films to add to the Tre repurposing pot – the films are currently being transferred and I can’t wait to see what gems we may have.

Super 8 padstowSuper 8 padstow 2

Watch British Pathe film here

copyright SWFTA

Here are some comments of what people thought of the evening:

How lovely to see things as they once were.  Please lets have lots more.  A wonderful evening.

Really enjoyed it very very much.  We saw family and friends.  Thank you all very much.

Thoroughly enjoyed the evening saw so many old faces and family gone by.  Brought back many happy memories.

It makes you realise and remember how nice it was before we became commercialised.

Watch a short clip of the evening here (more to be posted soon)

Thanks to ‘Oss Oss Wee Oss’ courtesy of the Alan Lomax Archive, The Association for Cultural Equity and Media-Generation. /

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