Film Schedule for Scilly Confirmed


Friday 14th 7pm – 10pm

Parish Church Hall St. Mary’s, (nxt door to IOS Museum)

Out of the Blue. 1959. A boy’s story living on St. Martins in Scilly (30 mins).

Flowers of the Scilly Isles. (1930’s) Silent black and white film on how flowers from Scilly are cultivated and end up in Convent Garden Flower market (18 mins).

Archive material of Isles of Scilly through the ages presented by Dr Emma Moore
Director in English Language and Linguistics, University of Sheffield looking at language and dialect of Scilly.


Nebes Geryow A-dro Dhe’n SWF
(A few words about the Standard Written Form)

d Jack Morrison
p Laura Hardman
Cornish is a living language. With a Standard Written Form unveiled, this film is a postcard to the thoughts and feelings of Cornish People.
Winner of the Govynn Kernewek Award 2007

Tom and the Giant
w/d Will Coleman
p Will Coleman & Robin Kewell
Holiday ruined by rain, traffic-jams and road-works? Never mind, because ‘Once upon a time, Cornwall was ruled by Giants…’
Winner ‘Entertainment’ category, Celtic Media Festival, Galway, 2008

Shallal – making an almighty din
d/p Barbara Santi
For over 20 years Shallal, Inclusive Dance Theatre Company, has been inspiring and challenging Cornish audiences through their collective ethos and unique way of working to raise awareness of arts and disability/ability. Never needing to say that they are political their presence defies mainstream arts.
Winner of Inspiring Voices competition, Media Trust, 2010

The Lobster Trap
w/d Henry Darke
p Denzil Monk
A boy finds escape from his difficult home life by going to sea on a lobster fishing boat for a day.
Winner 3rd Prize, 16th International “Mediaschool” Film Festival, Lodz, Poland 2009

Friday 14th 11am – 3pm

Parish Church Hall St. Mary’s, (nxt door to IOS Museum)

During the day a selection of fantastic Contemporary Cornish made films will be screened including

  • The Sailing Gig Race 2009 (Premier by Paul Farmer),
  • On the Water (follows Helford gig club includes Scilly),
  • Cornwall Film Festival’s ‘Best of the Fest’,
  • Tyskennow Kernow (Cornish language and cultural films),
  • Cornish Farming Films
  • and others….

Supported by Feast Cornwall, South West Screen, IOS Museum, IOS Travel, IOS Tourist Information and many others!

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