Hello from Scilly


St. Mary's IOS


After spending the last few weeks going up and down to Padstow (building up to May Day) I now find myself on Scilly!  Equipped with cameras, projectors, Super 8 and Standard 8 transfer facilities we’re holding ‘Celebrating Film on Scilly’ today and tomorrow.

Accompanying me on this trip is our intrepid reporter Fi and tech king Ian from 3S Films of Penzance.  Ian & I have been in a small dark room transffering cine film for local people on Scilly which is very exciting (apart from its been a beautiful day and we hardly saw light!).   Our ‘home’ for the next 2 days is the Scillonian Club who have been fabulous so thanks to them for supporting the project.  

Ian transferring Super 8 cine film


Cine film of Scilly


There’s been some real Scilly gems so far…footage of Harold Wilson, visit from the Queen and lots of sea fearing escapades!  We sent Fi off to Bryer today to spread the word there…look out for her blog here soon.

Lots of cine film


We’re doing more transffering tomorrow and screening brilliant Cornish films all day (FREE!) at the Church Hall and in the evening specially selected contemporary Cornish culture films and some rare archive films of Scilly including 1930’s footage of daffodil cultivation on St. Martins and a gorgeous 1950’s film of a boy living on St. Martins (narrated by Johnny Morris).  Please see previous posts of full line up.

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