Scilly update

Here are some comments & some pics from Scilly…

IOS screening audience

Absolutely delightful, I hope lots of the locals contribute to the archive.  Maggie Kent, Shoreham by sea

A wonderful opportunity to see Cornish films made by people of different aspects and interests.  Katie Playle

‘Out of the Blue’ shows what an idyllic life a child had on an island just like growing up on Bryer in the 1950’s & 60’s.  Wonderful.  Janis Nightingale

Marvellous varied evening.  D Rees

A fascinating insight into old Scilly. Emma Glidden

Students from Five Islands School

Three students from Five Islands School joined us and filmed the evening and interviewed the audience to find out if and why archive films are important to people today.  Our trainee in Cornwall, Tom, is currently editing the material which will be screened on our blog in a few weeks.

When showing ‘Flowers on ScillyReg Philips said:

God that’s me!  I recognised my father by the hat.  It was between 1936 – 1937.

What an amazing discovery – the date was also a bonus as SWFTA (where we licensed the film from) didn’t have a specific date only ‘1930’s’ so it was great that we were able to pinpoint a date and people within the film.

Audience listening to Dr Emma Moore of Uni Sheffield

We were also very lucky to have Dr Emma Moore from the University of Sheffield, who with the IOS Museum was able to show extracts of an on-line database of recorded archive material of Scilly they are developing.

Films of Scilly to be transferred

Thanks to all those who attended and donated so kindly to the project.  We had a really positive response from people bringing in their Super & Standard 8 material of Scilly and thanks to those donations we have been able to transfer more material than our funding would have covered – this means that transferred films will be made available to repurpose when making the community films for all people to enjoy for the future.

Huge thanks also to Feast who funded this event.

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