Films, films, films!

So what has the Tre Project been doing over the summer?

Well, apart from filming loads of new material we’ve been digitising over 6 hours of Super 8 footage which people have donated to us of Cornwall and Isles of Scilly. We’re now planning an exciting event later in the year at a top local gallery where we will be screening all the footage on a continuous loop. There really is some fabulous stuff of decades gone by.  We’re now ploughing through the archive and getting more info on the footage, dates, facts and figures and then getting it out into the community.

We’ve also been joining forces with a number of established organisations.  Info will be posted up here as things are confirmed.

Cornish Wrestling at Churchtown

To give you a flavour of whats to come go to: where you can see some archive on Cornish Wrestling (late 50’s/60”s tbc), May Day in Padstow (late 50’s/60’s tbc) and Isles of Scilly (1982).

More archive will be uploaded over the coming weeks.

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