Screenings great success!

Thanks to everyone who came to our screenings over the weekend.  We had 82 people in Newlyn and 70 in Stithians…

and to top it all we received this by Denis Nightingale.

Thanks for last night – it was excellent.  heres a poem inspired by the evening.

A night watching old films of Cornwall

Flicker of ancient film as the watchers remember
Harvests plump with endless sun,
Fishing on the smoothest of smooth seas,
A lobster pot catching art
As well as restaurant dinner.
Long line of bare boys’ knees
Fishing for crabs, caught by the camera
In the short flush of youth. Steaming
Over the Royal Albert Bridge
Into a land of black and white buses
Long skirts, hats, quick unnatural movements,
Motorcycles and pasties with tea;
Men riding deep into the earth, crammed
Like captured sardines, the puff of arsenic
Into barely guarded faces. White mountains,
White clay, golden memories for those
Leaning forward in their chairs,
Arthritis creaking, young again for a moment
Recalling the heaving of hay, the day
When the films were the present not the past,
When they were young, carefree, when
They didn’t realise youth doesn’t last.

You can look at some pictures of the evening on our Facebook page!/AwenProductions

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